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This cooling topical will help to relieve your body of stress. Magnesium chloride is absorbed into the muscles to help supply tight muscles with the nutrients needed to help them relax. This topical has a slightly drying affect to your skin as it dries. For best results, do not wash the treated area for at least 30 minutes after application. Use a lotion or oil in addition to the magnesium oil if skin dryness is an issue. Aids in muscle tension relief.


Tension Melter

This oil has a scent that reminds you of a meadow on a warm sunny day.


Ingredients: Water, epsom salt, everclear, frankincense essential oil, marjoram e.o., lemongrass e.o.


Cleansing Relief

This topical has a lightly refreshing scent that gently eases your stress.


Ingredients: Water, epsom salt, everclear, lavender essential oil, eucalyptus e.o., rosemary e.o.

Magnesium Oil

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